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Greenwood, located on the eastern edge of the Mississippi Delta, about ninety-five miles north of Jackson, is the county seat of Leflore County. The Tallahatchie River and the Yalobusha River meet in Greenwood to form the Yazoo River. The first European-American settlement in the area was in 1834, when John Williams established a trading post there. The community that grew up around his trading post was known as Williams Landing. Soon, a rival trading post was set up three miles upriver by Colonel Greenwood Leflore, and known as Point Leflore. In 1844, a road was built connecting the two communities and they were incorporated together as Greenwood. The city served as a shipping point for cotton, and thousands of slaves were brought in to work as laborers in the cotton fields. The cotton and shipping industries of Greenwood thrived until the latter part of the American Civil War. During Reconstruction, many freed slaves withdrew from working for others, buying and clearing their own farms in the bottomlands, and the area’s cotton industries declined. The railroads revived the city’s economy, with two rail lines running to downtown Greenwood, near the Yazoo River. During the early 1900s, the cotton industry was largely mechanized, displacing sharecroppers and tenant farmers, and textile manufacturing industries began shifting overseas. During the 1950s and 1960s, Greenwood was the site of major Civil Rights protests, as several organizations on both sides of the conflict set up headquarters within the city. Byron De La Beckwith, the Klansman who assassinated Civil Rights leader Medgar Evers, grew up in Greenwood and lived in the city. Surrounding communities include Browning, Craigside, Crenfree, Fort Loring, Grenada Junction, and Rising Sun. The city is roughly halfway between Indianola and Winona, along US Highway 82.


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