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Houston, Mississippi is one of two county seats for Chickasaw County, the other being Okolona. Judge Joel Pinson contributed land for the formation of a town on the condition that it be named for Sam Houston, a childhood friend. The city was once served by the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad as well as the Okolona, Houston & Calhoun City Railway, but these rail lines have since been abandoned and converted to a recreational trail. Prior to its settlement by European-Americans, the region was populated by the Hopewell people, and then the Chickasaws. The Spanish explorer, Hernando DeSoto, passed through the area in the early 1540s but left when he encountered Chickasaws whom he regarded as hostile. The French also considered the Chickasaws as troublesome, and made several failed efforts to wipe them out. When the area came into the hands of the British, they made two efforts to take control of the Chickasaw government but were resisted, although the Chickasaws remained friendly with the British throughout the American Revolution. However, once the area became part of the United States, a series of treaties and agreements designed to weaken the rights of the Chickasaws eventually led to their removal in the early 1830s. When Chickasaw County was created in 1836, Houston was also created as the county’s first seat of government, and was incorporated in 1837. After that, the town grew fast. By 1860, there were thirteen doctors and twenty-three lawyers in Houston. In 1845, Okolona was established as the second county seat, to serve the northeastern part of the county. Houston is situated at the southwestern edge of the Tombigbee National Forest. Nearby communities include Anchor, Buena Vista, Hollis, Houlka, McCondy, Old Houlka, Pyland, Sparta, Thelma, Thorn, Trebloc, Van Vleet, Vardaman, and Woodland. Tupelo, Mississippi is about thirty-five miles northeast of Houston.



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