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Situated along the Chickasawhay River, near the intersection of Mississippi Routes 57 and 63, the town of Leakesville is the county seat of Greene County, Mississippi. Although a settlement existed there as early as 1812, including a sawmill, the community was platted as the county seat in 1826, chosen for its location along the river and the Paulding Road, as the river served as the primary highway for commerce in those days and the Paulding Road was one of the first Federal Roads to cross the Piney Woods. Named for Walter Leake, the third governor of Mississippi, the Leakesville post office has been in operation since 1829. Leakesville’s early economy was based on lumbering, farming, raising stock, and turpentine. The Battle of McLeod’s Mill was fought in Leakesville on December 10, 1864. After the Civil War, large quantities of the Piney Woods were harvested, and several sawmills and turpentine stills were established in the town or nearby. The Vinegar Bend Lumber Company extended its track to Leakesville in 1903, which was itself connected to a line running to Pascagoula. Leakesville was incorporated as a town in 1906. Its first town marshall was Pat Harrison, who later became a US Senator. The South Mississippi Correctional Institution, operated by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, is located near Leakesville. The city of Dueitt is across the river, to the southeast of Leakesville. Other nearby communities include Bradley, Hillman, Jonathan, Pisgah, and Rounsaville. Mobile, Alabama is about fifty-six miles southeast, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi is about fifty-two miles northwest of Leakesville.



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