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Leland is a Mississippi Delta town situated on the banks of Deer Creek in Washington County, in central western Mississippi. As it was before the Civil War, the town’s economy is largely based on agriculture. The Blues musician, Johnny Winter, spent much of his childhood in Leland, where his grandfather and father operated J.D. Winter & Sons, a cotton company, and in which his father served as mayor. The puppeteer, Jim Henson, was also raised in Leland, although he was born in nearby Greenville. The city was formed in 1886 as a railroad town, when the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad extended its line to the region. The railroad helped the town to prosper as an economic center, even doing well through the Depression years. When the railroad stopped transports of people to and from the community, its economy stagnated for a time. Today, farming continues to be the basis of its economy, and a federal agricultural research facility is located on the outskirts of Leland. Surrounding communities include Ashley Crossing, Burette, Dunleith, Hollyknowe, and Stoneville. Greemville, Mississippi is about eight miles west of Leland.



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