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The City of Louisville, Mississippi is the county seat of Winston County. Both the county and city are named for Louis Winston, who served as a colonel in the militia and was a prominent lawyer and judge on the Mississippi Supreme Court. Winston County was created in the 1830s after land was ceded to the United States by the Choctaws in the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, which removed most of the Choctaws from the state. Louisville was founded to be the seat of government for the county in 1836 and, by the time of the American Civil War, Louisville had become a regional commercial center. No Civil War battles were fought within the city, but more than four hundred local men gave their lives in service to the Confederacy. Union Colonel Benjamin Grierson came through the city with nine hundred troops on April 22, 1863, but there was no fighting or significant destruction of property. Because the city was still intact at the end of the war, Louisville was quicker to prosper than many other Mississippi cities and towns. In April of 2014, the city was hit by a tornado that killed ten people. Louisville is south of Legion State Park and the Tombigbee National Forest. Surrounding and nearby communities include Boon, Claytown, Fearns Springs, Gum Springs, Highpoint, Hinze, Kerr, Noxapater, and Tollison. Columbus, Mississippi is about fifty-seven miles northeast of Louisville.


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