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Lucedale, Mississippi is the seat of George County. The city was formed in 1898 after the railroad extended its tracks through the area, and incorporated in 1901. Lucedale was named for its founder, Gregory N. Luce, who settled the area in 1896 and established a lumber business there. When he closed the lumber mill in 1914, he founded Luce Farms and Luce Products in order to provide work for those who had been employed in the lumber mill. In 1938, Luce Farms was acquired by the Farm Security Administration and divided into forty-acre tracts. Three state highways intersect in Lucedale, forming the city’s main street, which was named 15-26-63 for the three highways. Nearby communities include Agricola, Benndale, Bexley, Brown Town, Evanston, Latonia, Merrill, Shipman, Vaughan, Vernal, and Wilmer. The DeSoto National Forest is just west, and the Alabama state line is east of Lucedale. Mobile, Alabama is about thirty-eight miles to the southeast.


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