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Situated along the Noxubee River, in central-eastern Mississippi, the city of Macon was founded in 1833 as Taladega, which was changed to Macon in 1835. Noxubee County was organized in 1833 as well, and Macon was chosen as the county seat due to its location near the center of the county. Early settlers came from the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama, mostly, looking for farm land on which to raise their families. Very few of the area’s early settlers were wealthy, and fewer than half of its early families owned slaves. The Jackson Military Road, built by General Jackson’s troops during the War of 1812, runs through Macon and the county. The population of Noxubee County grew rapidly in the 1850s, largely due to its timber industries and the coming of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad in the mid-1850s. Macon served as the capital of Mississippi during the Civil War after Jackson was destroyed. Mississippi Governor Clark was in Macon when he was arrested by Union troops following Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. Although Noxubee County was never the scene of a major battle during the war, more than five hundred Confederate soldiers were buried in Macon alone. As with much of the South following the Civil War, Macon and the surrounding area met with hard times for a period of several years, but the 20th century brought a measure of prosperity to the community. The Macon Oil Company and one of Borden Milk’s largest factories were established in Macon, and the Macon Airport opened in 1934. Agriculture continues to be an important part of the economy throughout the county. Nearby communities include Aubrey, Brooksville, Cooksville, Deerbrook, Dinsmore, Mashulaville, McLeod, Paulette, Prairie Point, Ravine, and Shuqualak. Columbus, Mississippi is about thirty miles north of Macon, while Starkville is about thirty-five miles northwest. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is eighty-five miles east of Macon.



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