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Marks, Mississippi is the county seat of Quitman County. The community was named for Leopold Marks, a German immigrant who served as Quitman County’s first representative to the state legislature. Quitman had come to the area to peddle goods up and down the Coldwater River region, then opened a store and began buying up the land that was later developed into the city that was to be named for him. Being Jewish, he had difficulty acquiring the land grant that he sought, given the prejudice against Jews that was prominent in the region, but he circumvented this through the formation of the Marks Townsite Company. He was instrumental in getting the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad to come to the area by giving the railroad a right-of-way through his plantation as well as ten acres of land without cost. Later his son, Henry, donated land to be used as a cemetery. Although the town existed long before that time, Marks was not officially incorporated until 1907. In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. began his Poor People’s Campaign in Marks. Surrounding communities include West Marks, which is part of the city of Marks, as well as Hinchcliff to the north, Locke Station to the east, and Lambert to the south. Other nearby communities include Asa, Ballentine, Barksdale, Birdie, Chancey, Crowder, Darling, Eagles Nest, Essex, Falcon, Jonestown, Longstreet, Mims, Sabino, Tocowa, and Walnut. Memphis, Tennessee is about eighty-two miles to the north, and Tupelo, Mississippi is about ninety-eight miles east of Marks.



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