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Mendenhall, Mississippi is the county seat of Simpson County. Originally, the town was named Edna, for the wife of its developer, Phillip Didlake but, since there was already a town by that name in the state, it was changed to Mendenhall, for Thomas Mendenhall, a Westville, Mississippi lawyer. US Highway 49 runs southeast-northwest along the eastern portion of the town, while County Highway 149 runs through thee southern part of Mendenhall. The town of D’lo abuts Mendenhall on the northwest. Other nearby communities include Braxton, Cato, Harrisville, Maddox, Magee, Martinville, Pinola, Puckett, Rexford, Sanatorium, Touchstone, and Upton. The state capital of Jackson, Mississippi is about thirty-four miles northwest of Mendenhall.



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