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The community that was later to become Mize was formed after the Choctaw Nation was forced to cede its land with the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830. Like other small Mississippi town, Mize was formed as small groups of people settled near one another, eventually banding together to form a town. The first family to settle the area is believed to have been the Hopkins family. The southern part of the town, known as Sullivan’s Hollow, was settled by an Irish family by that name. Sullivan’s log house is still in existence. The eastern part of town was settled by the Jones family, who established a mill there. As three roads converged there, this became the original downtown section and the location of the town’s post office. Mize was named for Sheriff John Clay Mize. The small town in southwestern Smith County, Mississippi hosts the annual Mississippi Watermelon Festival, commemorating its agricultural history. In 2005, a tornado struck Mize High School, removing its second floor and severely damaging the entire building. The structure was rebuilt in 2007. Prentiss Walker, the first Republican to represent Mississippi since the Reconstruction era, was born in nearby Taylorsville and attended school in Mize. The NFL football player, Eugene Sims, graduated from Mize Attendance Center in 2005. Mississippi Highways 28 and 35 intersect in Mize. Clear Creek an Okohay Creek flow through the town. Nearby communities include Arbo, Cohay, Gilmore, Gitano, Maddox, Magee, Martinville, Saratoga, Summerland, Sylvarena, Taylorsville, and Upton. The state capital of Jacksonville, Mississippi is about fifty-four miles northwest, and Meridian is about eight-three miles northeast of Mize.



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