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The town of Monticello is the county seat of Lawrence County, Mississippi. The Pearl River, which flows through the town and the county, was a large part of the reason why people chose to settle there. The first church in Lawrence County was a Methodist church in Monticello, and the Baptists formed a congregation a few years later. Silver Creek Baptist Church was formed in 1815, and Bethany Baptist was organized in 1819. Monticello was selected as the site of the Mississippi state capital at a session of the legislature convened in Columbia just before Jackson was made the capital. After securing the vote in favor of Monticello, the representatives from the Monticello area returned to their home with the good news and, in their absence, a motion was made to reconsider the vote, and Jackson was chosen as the state capital. Nearby communities include Silver Creek, to the northeast, as well as East Lincoln, Fair River, Hathorn, Lucas, Nola, Oak Vale, Prentiss, Rafn, Robinwood, Rosella, Topeka, Tryus, and Wanilla. Jackson, the state capital, is about sixty-two miles north of Monticello.



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