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The town of Moorhead, Mississippi is situated at the place where the Southern Railroad once intersected the Yazoo Delta Railroad, also known as the Yellow Dog. The Southern extended east-west, becoming the Columbus and Greenville Railway, while the Yellow Dog went north-south, becoming the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad. The junction has been preserved as a historic site, although the north-south line has been abandoned through Moorhead. This railroad crossing plays a part in the history of Blues music, as it is said that W.C. Handy, after listening to and old man singing about “where the Southern crosses the Yellow Dog,” was moved by the sound and began what became known as the Blues. Founded by Chester H. Pond, an American inventor, Moorhead is in Sunflower County. Phil Bryant, the 64th governor of Mississippi, is a native of Moorhead. Nearby communities include Berclair, Bowles, Boyer, Caile, Egypt, Indianola, Heathman, Holly Ridge, Inverness, Itta Bena, Markham, Marksville, Mayday, Morgan City, Old Dominion, Peteet, Purnell, Sunflower, and Swiftown. Greenville, Mississippi is about thirty-two miles west of Moorhead.



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