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Morton is in Scott County, in the lower center of Mississippi. Among the first settlers in the area was Colonel Caleb Taylor, who came from Kentucky in the mid-1800s, building a home there. As a community grew up around him, it first took the name of Greenbush. When the railroad came through, the town grew rapidly, including businesses, professionals, and laborers. However, when post office was established there in 1858, the town’s name was changed to Morton, in honor of Colonel Taylor’s wife, Alice Morton Taylor. The town was incorporated in 1861. Like many Southern towns, large sections of Morton were destroyed during the Civil War, and the lives of many of its townspeople were lost. The post-war years brought fire and crop failures. Morton is located within the Bienville National Forest. Nearby communities include Beach, Cooperville, Forest, Forkville, Gulde, Gum Spring, Harperville, Hillsboro, Homewood, Independence, Leesburg, Lillian, Lingle, Pelahatchie, Pisgah, Polkville, Pulaski, Raworth, Sand Hill, Singleton Settlement, and Stage. The state capital of Jackson, Mississippi is thirty-seven miles west, while Meridian is about fifty-nine miles east of Morton.



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