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The small town of Mount Olive, Mississippi is in northern Covington County. US Highway 49 goes through the western part of town, leading northwest to the state capital of Jackson, just over fifty miles away, and southeast to Hattiesburg, about thirty-five miles away. Mississippi Highway 35 goes through the southern part of town, leading northeast ten miles to Mize and southwest about forty miles to Columbia. Other nearby communities include Arbo, Clem, Saratoga, and Smith. Like many Mississippi towns, Mount Olive got its beginnings as a railroad town. The Gulf & Ship Island Railroad reached the area in 1899, and the town was platted that same year, and incorporated in 1900. There were people living there prior to that time, however. A post office by that name was established there sometimes prior to 1858, and when the post office moved nearer to the railroad, that name was also given to the new town. Mount Olive was a timber and agricultural town. Three lumber companies operated there during the town’s first decade, and several small and large businesses were opened on Main Street and the blocks off of Fifth and Sixth streets. A cotton compress and three cotton gins operated in Mount Olive at one time. Although Mount Olive was never a large town, it has seen a variety of industries during its time as well.



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