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The town of Nettleton, Mississippi is situated on the county line, with Lee County on the north and Monroe County on the south. The town was incorporated in 1888, and named for George Henry Nettleton, who was president of the Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham Railroad, which later became the Frisco, then Burlington Northern, and finally the Burlington Northern - Santa Fe. Like many Mississippi towns, Nettleton was a founded as a railroad town, largely concerned with shipping local hardwood to states throughout the country, and to international markets. However, the hardwood resources in the area were exhausted in less than ten years, and Nettleton continued as an agricultural community, gradually transforming into a small city, due to the railroad as well as the construction of Mississippi Highway 6 and, later, US Highway 45, both of which pass through Nettleton. The city lost its charter in the 1950s when residents chose not to elect public officials, but was reincorporated in 1964. Nearby communities include Bigbee, Brewer, Carolina, Okolona, Old Union, Pine Grove, and Shannon. Tupelo, Mississippi is about fifteen miles north of Nettleton.



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