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Noxapater, Mississippi is a small town in southern Winston County, in the east-central part of the state. A post office was established there in 1846, and the town became a stop along the Mobile, Jackson and Kansas City Railroad in 1890. Noxapater was incorporated in 1906. Nearby communities include Alice, Arlington, Bond, Boon, Burnside, Claytown, Fearns Springs, Handle, Hinze, Louisville, Plattsburg, Spring Creek, and Stallo. The Mississippi Choctaw Reservation is southeast of Noxapater. Starkville, Mississippi is about forty-three miles north-northeast, Meridian is fifty-five miles south, and Columbus is sixty-nine miles northeast of the town. Dr. F. Mason Sones, a pioneer in cardiac catheterization, was born in Noxapater.



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