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Incorporated in 1839, the city of Quitman, Mississippi is the county seat of Clarke County, not Quitman County. US Highway 45 bypasses the city to the east, heading north to Meridian and south to Waynesboro, while Mississippi Highway 18 goes through the center of the city, then moves northwest to Pachuta and Interstate Highway 59, and east to the Alabama border, and Mississippi Highway 145 intersects Highway 18 in the center of town. Other nearby communities include De Soto, Elwood, Hale, Harmony, Linton, Mannassa, and Sykes. Meridian, Mississippi is about twenty-five miles north of Quitman. Built in 1862, the Texas Hospital, near the Chickasawhay River in Quitman, housed Confederate soldiers from Galveston and Houston, Texas during the Civil War, and supplied Confederate troops with medical supplies imported from Mexico. The hospital, railroad, train depot, and post office were destroyed by Union General Sherman’s troops under the command of Major General Marcellus Crocker when they advanced through Mississippi after capturing Vicksburg. All that remains of the hospital today is the old cemetery, with three hundred unmarked Confederate memorial stones, and the original archway of the cemetery was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.



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