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Ripley is the county seat of Tippah County, and is situated in northeastern Mississippi. The Civil War Battle of Ripley was little more than a skirmish, as the defeated army of Union General Sturgis passed through Ripley in retreat on June 28, 1864, pursued by Confederate General Forrest’s troops. At the ford of King’s Creek, the Confederates fired on the Union troops. Just west of the town square, the Confederates captures the last piece of artillery from the retreating Federals. Thirteen Union soldiers were killed, mostly black troops, and several Northern soldiers were wounded, while the Confederates suffered no casualties, although three or four were wounded, including Colonel Wilson. Twenty-five Union soldiers were captured that day, and about two hundred were captured in the following days. That was the only battle fought within the town itself, although several skirmishes took place nearby. Colonel William Clark Falkner, the great-grandfather of authors William Faulkner and John Faulkner, was a prominent resident of Ripley in the mid to late 1800s. He served as the model for William Faulkner’s character of Colonel John Sartoris. The author, John Grisham, attended Ripley Elementary School. Ripley is home to the First Monday Trade Day, which is held on the weekend prior to the first Monday of each month, and one of the oldest flea markets in the United States. The Holly Springs National Forest is west of Ripley. Nearby communities include Bethel, Blue Mountain, Bluff, Buena Vista, Clarysville, Dumas, Falkner, Gravestown, Mitchell, and Whitten Town. Corinth, Mississippi is about thirty miles northeast of Ripley.


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