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Situated in western Bolivar County, near the banks of the Mississippi River and the Arkansas border, Rosedale is sixteen miles northwest of Cleveland, Mississippi. Other nearby communities include Beulah, Christmas, Gunnison, Malvina, Niles, Pace, Perthshire, Symonds, and Waxhaw. Greenville, Mississippi is about thirty-six miles south, and Clarksdale is seventy-two miles north-northeast of Rosedale. Rosedale is the town referenced by the Blues singer, Robert Johnson, in his song, “Travelling Riverside Blues,” and there is a claim that Johnson sold his soul to the Devil at the intersection of Mississippi State Highway 1 and Highway 8, on the south end of town. Due to the importance of the Mississippi River, several boat landings were developed along its banks, including Abel’s Point, just south of the current Rosedale Cemetery. In the 1850s, activity intensified along the river as cotton plantations were developed, largely using slave labor. Among the new settlers was Colonel Lafayette Jones, who came in 1855, naming his residence “Rosedale,” after his estate in Virginia. Eventually, Abel’s Landing was moved downriver and Prentiss Landing developed in that spot. Prentiss Landing was burned during the American Civil War in 1862, and the location began to be referred to as Lower Rosedale. During Reconstruction, it became known as Floreyville until 1876, when the community adopted its current name, and it was incorporated under that name in 1882, and reincorporated in 1890.



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