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Located in southeastern Mississippi, Saucier is an unincorporated town in northern Harrison County, on the western edge of a portion of the DeSoto National Forest. Nearby communities include Alrey, Hovey, Howison, Lizana, McHenry, Riceville, Success, and Wortham. Gulfport, Mississippi is about twenty miles south, and Biloxi is just under thirty miles southeast of Saucier. The community was settled in 1848 by the Pierre Phillip Saucier family, which included ten children. Having purchased several thousand acres, Pierre cleared some of the land with the help of his older sons, and built a home on a stream they named Saucier Creek. For several years, his home was the only one around, the nearest established cities being Pass Christian, Mississippi City, and Biloxi, all in the coastal region, as Gulfport was not established until 1898. The nearest town was McHenry, about five miles north of Saucier. Other family members and family acquaintances eventually settled nearby, creating the community. Following the American Civil War, the federal government took most of Pierre Saucier’s land and gave it to the railroad. Shortly afterward, Saucier had a stroke and died a few years later. The town that grew up around his home grew to become a saw mill town, many of the operations run by members of the Saucier family. For a time though, the town was known as Bernard or Bernard Station, named for Samuel Bernard Saucier, the youngest son of Pierre Saucier, who went by the name of Samuel Bernard. Unincorporated, the town is on the verge of being incorporated and swallowed up by the City of Gulfport.



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