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The small town of Seminary is in Covington County, Mississippi. Nearby communities include Cantwell Mill, Collins, Deen, Eminence, Gandsi, Kola, McRaney, Rainey, Sanford, and Shelton. Hattiesburg is about twenty-five miles southeast, and the state capital of Jackson is seventy miles northwest of Seminary. There area was not very populated before the American Civil War. The town was named for Zion Seminary, a residential school that was situated in the location on which the town now occupies in 1845. Offering courses in law, medicine, and religious studies, the seminary once had more than five hundred students. Except for one building, the seminary was burned during the war. Partially rebuilt, the seminary was in session again until it burned again in 1890. The site was used to build Seminary Attendance Center. The town had a surge in population growth in the late 1800s through timber production but when the timber was depleted, its population waned. Seminary was incorporated in 1899, and named for the seminary that was once there. Today, seminary is largely a bedroom community to Hattiesburg, which is about a fifteen minute drive south, although a fire truck manufacturing company has been in operation there for about twenty-five years. Martin Sennet Conner, Mississippi’s 44th governor, was a native of Seminary.



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