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Situated along Mississippi Highway 4 in west-central Benton County, Mississippi, the town of Snow Lake Shores is about four miles west of Ashland and fourteen miles northeast of Holly Springs. It is contained within the Holly Springs National Forest. Other nearby communities include Atway, Bethel, Brody, Gravestown, Higdon, Hudsonville, Lamar, Waites, and Whitten Town. Memphis, Tennessee is about sixty miles northwest of Snow Lake Shores. The town consists primarily of homes built around Snow Lake, created by the damming of Big Snow Creek, a tributary of the Tippah River. The first European-American settlers known to come into the area were John M. Ferrell and his wife, who came from Tennessee in 1839. One of their ten children, Emaline, settled with her husband, Joe Shone, a couple of miles east of the Ferrell home, in an area that became known as Shone’s Pond, and later built a mill there. In 1947, a New Yorker by the name of Walter Utley organized a partnership to develop the residential subdivision that became known as Snow Lake Shores. Big Snow Lake was created, and the development was a private resort community. In 1996, Snow Lake Shores was incorporated as a town, with many of its home being seasonal summer homes, with a year-round population of only about three hundred, while its summer population is around nine hundred.



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