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Sturgis, Mississippi is a small town in southwestern Oktibbeha County. Taking advantage of the famous annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, the town also holds a motorcycle rally each year, which draws large numbers. The first town that was established in the area was Whitefield, which was owned by Lewis White, who was part Choctaw. Another early landowners were a man named Smith, and a J.P. Woodson, who lived just west of Whitefield. A Baptist church was built in 1840, about one mile north of the current location of Sturgis. Water mills were established in the area, bringing more people in. Many area residents were lost to the Civil War, and others chose to move west after the war, but others came into the area. In 1883, the Illinois Central Railroad obtained the rights to operate near Whitefield, and the town was renamed for one of the stockholders of the railroad, a Mrs. Sturgis. New businesses were established near the railroad, the Whitefield post office was discontinued, and another post office was established for Sturgis. With the decline of the cotton industry, many large plantations were divided into small farms, and dairy farming became common. Still, the town’s population in 2010 was less than its population in 1910, and it peaked in 1940, with a population of 485. However, there has been a slow increase in its population each census year since its low point in 1990. Ackerman is about ten miles southwest, and Starkville is seventeen miles northeast of Sturgis. Other nearby communities include Bradley, Craig Springs, Fulcher, Gum Springs, Longview, Morgantown, Tuscan, and Williams.



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