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Situated in southern Mississippi, the town of Summit is in Pike County. It was named “Summit” because it was thought to be the highest point on the Illinois Central Railroad between New Orleans and Jackson, Tennessee, although Brookhaven actually had a higher elevation. Summit was founded in 1856 by Colonel William H. Garland, the grand-nephew of Patrick Henry. In its early days, Summit had a significant Jewish population, having two Jewish synagogues, one operating from 1877 to 1910, the other formed in 1906 but not lasting long. Today, Summit is served by Interstate Highway 55 and US Highway 98, which intersect in town, as well as US Highway 51, which passes through the center of Summit. McComb is adjacent to Summit, to the south. Other nearby communities include Johnstons Station, Kirkville, Oakland, and Tangipahoa. The state capital of Jackson is seventy-five miles north of Summit.



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