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Taylorsville, Mississippi is in southern Smith County. The original town site was about five miles away. In 1898, a road was constructed from Jackson to Gulfport, and a branch road was built to Laurel. A town known as Bullace was established along this road. The town changed names several times, but when the post office was moved from Taylorsville, it became known as Taylorsville, while the old town was referred to as Old Taylorsville. The new town was chosen as a stop along the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad in 1900, and two hotel were built there. The old Stringer Hotel burned in 1946. The office for the town’s first newspaper, the Taylorsville Signal, was one of the first stores in town, built in 1901. Nearby communities include Arbo, Bay Springs, Cohay, Hebron, Gilmore, Gitano, Lake Como, Magee, Mize, Moss, Saratoga, Smith, Soso, Stringer, and Summerland. Hattiesburg, Mississippi is about forty-seven miles south, Jackson is sixty-three miles northwest, Meridian is sixty-five miles northeast, and Brookhaven is seventy-three miles west of Taylorsville.



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