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Tishomingo, Mississippi is in Tishomingo County, although it is not the county seat. The city and county were named for the Chickasaw chief who signed the Treaty of Pontotoc in 1832, and who served with General Anthony Wayne against the Shawnees during the Revolutionary War, receiving a silver medal from President George Washington. During the War of 1812, he served under Andrew Jackson, then retired to farm his land until the Chickasaws were removed from their land in 1837. Tishomingo died of smallpox on the Trail of Tears. A town in Oklahoma is also named for him. The Mississippi town was formed by the Tishomingo Township Company as a stop along the Illinois Central Railroad in 1906, when a post office was established there, and the town received its charter in 1908. Mississippi Highways 25 and 30 run through Tishomingo, as does the Natchez Trace Parkway. The songwriter, Spencer Williams, spent some time in the town in 1916, where he wrote “Tishomingo Blues,” which later became the opening theme song for Garrison Kellior’s “Prairie Home Companion.” Paden is northwest of Tishomingo. Other nearby communities include Bloody Springs, Burton, Carter Branch, Dennis, Mingo, New Hope, and Petertown, as well as Maud, Alabama. Booneville, Mississippi is about twenty miles west, and Cherokee, Alabama is twenty-five miles northeast of Tishomingo.



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