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Also known as Tunica Resorts, Robinsonville is an unincorporated community in northern Tunica County, Mississippi. The town is north of Tunica, the county seat, and situated mostly between the Mississippi River and US Route 61. Robinsonville is home to several casino resorts, and was once the third largest gambling venue in the country, after Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but it currently faces large competition from several Native American operations. Originally known only as Robinsonville, the town uses the alternative name of Tunica Resorts to make it easier for tourists to find the destination. During the early 1800s, Robinsonville’s economy was based on cotton production, and is part of the Mississippi Delta area that extends north to Memphis, and south to Vicksburg. After emancipation, many former slaves continued to work on the cotton plantations, but agriculture decreased in the 1900s, as thousands of the area’s black citizens moved north to Chicago or other industrial cities in the North, and the community’s population declined dramatically. Gambling casinos began opening in 1995, built on floating platforms in the Mississippi River in order to comply with state law that allows riverboat gambling. In 2011, flooding of the Mississippi River resulted in a great deal of damage to on-ground hotels and supporting businesses, while the casinos largely escape damage. Nearby communities include Banks, Bowdre, Clack, Cub Lake, Eudora, Hollywood, Lost Lake, Newport, North Tunica, Penton, Prichard, and Tunica. Memphis, Tennessee is about forty-two miles northeast of Robinsonville.



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