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Originally known as the Magee Settlement, Tylertown was settled by the Magee and Thornhill families, who came to Mississippi from South Carolina. J. Thornhill bought the first tract of land there in 1816, and others came in the following years. In 1850, Cullen Conerly bought the Garland Hart store, establishing a post office that was called Conerly’s post office. The store served as the social center for the community for more than fifty years. The town was known as Conerley’s until 1879, when it was renamed Tyler Town, for William G. Tyler, and the space between the two words was removed in 1894. Later, Cullen Conerly sold his store to his brother-in-law, Benjamin Lampton, who laid the foundation for the mercantile business in Tylertown. The town was part of Pike County until 1912, when Walthall County was carved out of Pike and Marion counties, and Tylertown was designated the county seat. Ruby Bridges, who became the first black child to desegregate the all-white William Frantz Elementary School in Louisiana, was born in Tylertown, moving to New Orleans with her parents in New Orleans. US Highway 98 passes through the northern part of the town, while Mississippi Highway 48 goes through the center of town. Nearby communities include Barto, Conerly, Flowers, Kioto, Kirklin, Knoxo, Leggett, Lehr, Lexie, and Mesa. McComb, Mississippi is about twenty miles northwest, Columbia about the same distance northeast, and Franklinton, Louisiana is about twenty miles south of Tylertown.



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