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The town of Walls is in northwestern DeSoto County, in northwestern Mississippi, near the Tennessee border. The community is part of the larger Mississippi Delta region, and situated near the Mississippi River. Walls was originally known as Alpika, which was changed to Walls in 1906, in honor of Captain June Walls, an early settler who served during the Confederacy during the American Civil War. The Walls Phase, representing the last prehistoric people to inhabit the region before the arrival of Europeans, is named for an archaeological site near the town. The small town is in a largely agricultural area growing cotton, soybeans, rice and corn. The town was connected to the tiny village of Memphis, just south of Walls, which was incorporated in the early 1970s, and annexed to Walls in 2003. Walls was home to Memphis Minnie, who moved to Walls from Louisiana with her parents in 1904 at the age of seven, later becoming a noted Blues singer. Lynchburg is adjacent to the northeast boundaries of Walls. Other nearby communities include Days, Glover, Horn Lake, Newport, Norfolk, and West Days. Memphis, Tennessee is about seventeen miles northeast of Walls.



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