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Situated in the Golden Triangle region of northeastern Mississippi, the city of West Point is the county seat of Clay County. The city was incorporated in 1858, shortly after the Mobile & Ohio Railroad extended its track to the area, but the region was first visited by Europeans as early as 1541, when Hernando de Soto of Spain came through the region, camping near an Indian village. French and English traders reached the area in the 1690s, not long before the beginning of the French and Indian War. With the removal of the Chickasaw people in the 1830s, plantations were developed and the town grew up around a railroad stop. On February 22, 1864, near the end of the American Civil War, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest forced the retreat of a Union force three times the size of his army at the Battle of West Point, helping to put an end to General William T. Sherman’s expedition into Alabama. The killed, wounded or missing amounted to 144 for the Confederates, while the Union lost 324. West Point rebounded after the war, and its population has shown a steady increase since 1870. Nearby communities include Adaton, Binford, Cedar Bluff, Clayton Village, Columbus, Griffith, Hamilton, Kolola Springs, Mayhew, Muldon, Muldrow, New Hamilton, Osborn, Patrick, Siloam, Starkville, Strong, Tibbee, and Whites. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is about seventy-five miles southeast of West Point.


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