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Named for the Yazoo River, Yazoo City is the county seat of Yazoo County, in central-western Mississippi, on the banks of the Yazoo River, about forty miles northwest of Jackson, the state capital. US Route 49-W links Yazoo City and Belzoni, while Mississippi Highway 149 passes through Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and the communities of Louise and Midnight before reconnecting with US Route 49-W at Silver City, seven miles south of Belzoni. US Route 49-W connects Yazoo City with the town of Carter. Other nearby communities include Bayland, Belle Prairie, Benton, Craig, Crupp, Eden, Enola, Limerick, Little Yazoo, Myrleville, Nod, Patosi, Pierce Crossroad, Renshaw, Tinsley, Valley, and Woodlawn. The city was founded as Hannan’s Bluff in 1824, later renamed Manchester before adopting its current name in 1841, and designated the county seat in 1849. During the American Civil War, a shipyard was established on the Yazoo River at Yazoo City after the Confederacy lost New Orleans to the Union, but it was itself destroyed by Union forces in 1863. The Confederates later retook Yazoo City, but Union forces returned the following year and burned most of the town, including the courthouse. Following the war, the city was rebuilt, but a fire burned much of its downtown district and three-fourths of the town in 1904. The fire was stopped by a canal, which saved the new courthouse and ten antebellum homes near the courthouse. The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 caused a great deal of damage to the entire Delta, but a flood prevention system was later built to protect the town from future floods. Amtrak provides passenger rail service to Yazoo City, stopping at the Yazoo City Station on West Broadway. James Paul Clark, the 18th governor of Arkansas, was born in Yazoo City, as was Haley Barbour, the 63rd governor of Mississippi. The NFL hall-of-famer, Willie Brown, was also a native of the city.


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