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Affton, Missouri is a census-designated place in St. Louis County, Missouri. The United States negotiated the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, at a time when the western boundaries of the United States was the Mississippi River. There were several Americans already living in this area, however, and St. Louis was already a thriving city. Some of the early settlers had been granted large tracts of land by the Spanish king, who ruled the St. Louis area at the time. One of these men was a Frenchman by the name of Gregoire Sarpy, who had been granted about six thousand acres southwest of St. Louis. He sold three thousand acres to a Scotsman by the name of Kenneth MacKenzie in the 1820s, who established a plantation there. Much of what is now considered Affton was included in this purchase. In 1852, MacKenzie subdivided his land into 40-acre tracts, which were put up for sale, leading to the settlement of the community. Ulysses S. Grant once had a cabin in the area. Affton is surrounded by the communities of Lakeshire, St. George, Wilbur Park, Marlborough, Crestwood, Sappington, and Concord. Several businesses and residences in Affton use a St. Louis post office address.


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