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Alton, Missouri is the seat of government for Oregon County. Alton is centrally located within Oregon County, in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, not far from the Arkansas state line. The town was platted in 1859, and named for the town by that name in Illinois. A post office was established there in 1860. At the onset of the founding of Alton, it was embroiled in the American Civil War. Several local men joined the Missouri State Guard to defend the state against armies that they considered to be invaders and, when their enlistments were up, many joined the regular Confederate Army, while others returned home. Following the Civil War, there was a period of unrest. As no army occupied Oregon County, outlaws plundered the area. The town persisted, however, and Alton became a city in 1929. Alton is located at the intersection of US Highway 160 and Montana Highway 19, south of Woodside and north of Couch.



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