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The city of Annapolis, Missouri is in Iron County. The town was settled by homesteaders in the 1850s, who came from Tennessee, Kentucky, Germany, and Sweden. Prior to the town being named Annapolis, for the city in Maryland, the community was known as Allen, Big Lick, and Jackson’s Mill. Thomas Allen platted the town in 1871, the year that the railroad extended its track to the area, and it was incorporated as a village in 1891. The St. Louis-Iron Mountain Railroad operated in Annapolis until 1969. Although freight trains still pass through the city, sometimes stopping to pick up loads of granite, passenger service is no longer available in Annapolis. Since the beginning of the town, timber has played a significant role in its economy. Annapolis was incorporated as a 4th class city in 1961. The city is located on Missouri Highway 49, south of Sabula, north of Vulcan and Des Arc, and west of Minimum.



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