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Appleton City is in St. Clair County, Missouri. The town was founded shortly before the Tebo & Neosho Railroad extended its tracks to the area. In 1868, William M. Prier bought the land upon which the city was built and, in 1870, he platted a city which was then known as Arlington, the first station in St. Clair County along what was, by then, known as the Missouri-Kansas & Texas Division of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Later that year, the city was incorporated as Appleton City, for William Henry Appleton, who contributed toward the building of the city’s library. The city is located in the northwestern corner of the St. Clair County, within a mile of the Bates County line, and a mile and a half from the southern border of Henry County. Appleton City is halfway between the Bates County seat of Butler and the St. Clair County seat of Osceola.



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