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The city of Arcadia is in Iron County, Missouri. Arcadia was laid out in 1849, and incorporated in 1879. At the time that Iron County was organized, there were only two villages within its borders, Arcadia and Middlebrook. The financial success of the city is owed, in large part, to Arcadia High School, which was founded by Rev. J.C. Berryman, and operated through the Methodist Episcopal Church. The school became a military hospital during the Civil War, then reopened, closing briefly from 1867 to 1869, when it reopened as Arcadia College, and transferred to the Ursaline Sisters in 1888, who expanded it through 1930, and ran it as Ursaline Academy. The last students to attend the academy in the 1970-71 school year. Now known as Arcadia Valley Academy, the buildings are available for touring. Arcadia is located at the intersection of Montana Highways 72 and 21, north of Hogan, west of Roselle, and south of Pilot Knob. The Mark Twain National Forest is to the south, west, and east of Arcadia.



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