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Arnold, Missouri is in Jefferson County. The first European settler in what was to become Arnold was Jean Baptiste Gamache, who operated a ferry across the Meramec River, and was granted property by the King of Spain. Situated at the confluence of the Meramec and Mississippi rivers, Arnold was named for George Arnold, its first postmaster, and incorporated as a city in 1972. In 2004, Arnold was the focal point of an eminent domain issue. The city entered into an agreement with THF Realty regarding a section of the city known as the Triangle, bordered by Route 141, I055, and Church Road. By the terms of the agreement, the city would acquire the properties and be reimbursed by THF. Some property owners accepted the buy-out that was offered by the city. Of the rest, some were offered relocation, while others were not given this option. Some refused the offer and the city moved to condemn the dissenting properties. The Jefferson County courts ruled against the city, but the Missouri Supreme Court ruled in favor of the city’s right to use eminent domain to seize property. In 2005, Arnold became the first city in Missouri to install red light cameras, and a lawsuit against them was dismissed in 2009. That same year, President Obama held a town meeting in Arnold to commemorate his 100th day in office. Arnold is south of Lemay and Mehlville, and north of Imperial and Barnhart.


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