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Named for a grove of ash trees in the area where it was founded, Ash Grove, Missouri is a city in Greene County. The first permanent settler in the region were Nathan Boone and his wife, Olive, who raised fourteen children on 1,200 acres there before his death in 1856. A store was established there by Joseph Kimbrough in 1853, followed by a blacksmith shop, but the new settlement didn’t experience much growth until after the War of Northern Aggression. The city was incorporated in 1871, and it had a population of 500 by 1880. One famous Ash Grove resident was Arizona Donnie Clark, better known as Ma Barker, who headed a group of criminals that included her four sons, before she was gunned down by the FBI in Florida in 1935. Ash Grove is situated on US Highway 160, east of Everton, south of Walnut Grove, west of Cave Spring and Willard, and north of Halltown.


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