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The city of Aurora, Missouri is in Lawrence County. The area upon which the city was founded was originally known as the Elk Horn Prairie due to an accumulation of elk horns that were found in the region. The Delaware Indians left the region for Oklahoma around 1830, although European-Americans began to settle along the major rivers in Missouri in the 1820s. In 1834, James D. Hillhouse, E.B. Hillhouse, A.A. Young, James Barrow, and James Gibson settled along Honey Creek, although the first house in what was to become Aurora was built by Joseph Rinker around 1840. The town was platted by Stephen G. Elliott in May of 1870, and Aurora was incorporated the following year, named for the Roman goddess of dawn. Galena Ore was discovered in 1885, resulting in Aurora becoming a mining town, attracting prospectors and miners. The city’s population peaked at 10,000 in 1900. Aurora is located near the intersection of US Highway 60 and Montana Highways 39 and 265, southwest of Marionville, east of Verona, and south of Orange.



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