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The small city of Barnard is situated on the east bank of the One Hundred and Two River in Nodaway County, in northwestern Missouri, near the Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas borders. The community was platted in 1870, and named for J.F. Barnard, superintendent of the Kansas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad. The land upon which the city was founded was originally owned by J.C. McCandliss, A.J. Dearing, Samuel Stonehocker, and John McFarland. The railroad constructed a depot in Barnard in April of 1870, and the town was surveyed and platted in May of that year. James McKenzie opened the first store in Barnard in early May and, before the year was up, Barnard had a second store and a hotel. Barnard is located east of US Highway 71, west of Guilford, and north of Bolckow.



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