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Situated in northwestern St. Louis County, Bridgeton, Missouri is a suburb of St. Louis. The first Europeans to enter the area were the French, when Missouri was part of the French Illinois Territory. In 1724, a trail was developed between St. Louis and St. Charles that went through the area that was to become Bridgeton. The Spanish took control of the area in 1768 after the Seven Years War, and the town was platted in 1794 as Marais des Liards, although it was also known as Village à Robert, for Robert Owen, its founder. Control was ceded to the United States government by the Louisiana Purchase of 1804. Still later, it became Owen’s Station. The city was chartered as Bridgeton in 1843, and it served as a stop for travelers seeking the trailheads to the Oregon and Santa Fe trails. The Jesuits established a mission there in 1851, although it closed in 2001 due to a declining residential population in the area of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, part of which is in Bridgeton. Bridgeton is served by I-270 and I-70, and surrounded by St. Charles, Hazelwood, Berkeley, Edmundson, and Champ.


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