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Buffalo, Missouri is the county seat of Dallas County. The area was settled in the 1830s by people who came from Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio, primarily, after the area was taken from the Osage Indians in 1808. The county was first organized as Niangua County in 1841, and renamed Dallas County in 1844. The city of Buffalo was founded on Buffalo Head Prairie in 1841, and named for a buffalo skull landmark that had been erected by Mark Reynolds, the first settler, who came in 1833. An alternate story is that it was named for the New York hometown of another early settler. Dallas County was a pro-Union county during the Civil War, and it endured several raids. The courthouse was burned by Confederate troops in 1863 and, in July of 1864, the Methodist Church was burned, as it was being used as a temporary courthouse. After the war, the Laclede and Fort Scott Railroad was supposed to come through Buffalo, but no track was laid and the county refused to pay bondholders for a railroad that was never completed. Buffalo is centered just east of the intersection of US Highway 65 and Missouri Highway 32. Louisburg is to the north, Plad and Windyville to the northeast, Wall Street and Long Lane to the east, Spring Grove to the north, Half Way to the west, and Goodson to the northwest.



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