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The small city of Bunker, Missouri is located in both Dent and Reynolds counties. Founded by Sylvanus J. Bunker in 1907, the town was primarily a logging and lead mining community, and several logging companies are still in operation. The Doe Run Company owns and operates the major lead mining operations in the region, one of the largest in North America. The Bunker-Culler Railroad played an important part in the city’s economy for several years, moving lumber and supplies through Bunker, while the rail yard allowed the locomotives to haul timber logs to mills in southern Missouri. However, the railroad has since ceased its operations in Bunker. Bunker is served by Missouri Highway 72, Route A, and Route KK. Greeley is north of Bunker, and West Fork is to the northeast. The Mark Twain National Forest lies to the east and north of the city.



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