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The city of Cameron is located in both Clinton and DeKalb counties, in northwestern Missouri. In 1854, a group of settlers led by Samuel McCorkle platted a four-block town near what is now I-35 and the DeKalb-Clinton County line, alongside the proposed route of the Hannibal-to-St. Joseph Railroad, naming the new town Somerville. However, the site proved to be too steep, so trains could not stop there. Using oxen, the settlers dragged the buildings from Somerville a mile southwest, forming the new town of Cameron, named for McCorkle’s wife, Malinda Cameron. Cameron was settled, but not incorporated until 1867, becoming a city in 1919. Prior to the Civil War, Cameron was one of the largest cities in Missouri. From 1883 to 1930, Cameron was a college town, as the Cameron Institute, later known as Missouri Wesleyan College, was located there. Cameron is situated just west of the intersection of I-35 and US Highway 36, on US Highway 69. Cameron is west of Hamilton, southwest of Winston, and northwest of Kingston.


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