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The city of Campbell is in Dunklin County, Missouri. The city was officially founded in 1880-1881, when the railroad extended its tracks through the area, the there was a settlement there prior to that time. The first settlement in the area that is now Campbell was Four Mile, which was two miles northwest of the current city center, and named for its location four miles from the St. Francis ferry at Chalk Bluff, and from other local points. A post office was established at Four Mile in the 1850s, and the town was the site of several skirmishes during the Civil War, including the Battle at Chalk Bluff in 1863. However, when the railroad came through, its tracks were two miles south of Four Mile, prompting local businesses move to this new location, which became Campbell. A lively timber industry flourished in Campbell during the 1890s but, by 1908, the timber was depleted. The town is largely an agricultural town today, large among them being the peach industry, which began in the 1930s when Van Tompkins bought a 230-acre farm on Riddle Hill, which he planted in peaches. Campbell is situated at the intersection of US Highway 62 and Missouri Highway 53, with Malden to the northeast, McGuire to the east, Clarkton to the southeast, Gibson to the south, St. Francis to the southwest, McElyea Place to the west, and Glennonville and Osborn to the northwest.



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