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Cape Fair is an unincorporated town in Stone County, Missouri. Situated on an arm of Table Rock Lake, at the southern terminus of Missouri Route 173 and Highway 76, Cape Fair is south of McCord Bend, east of Flat Creek, west of Reeds Spring, and north of the Mark Twain National Forest. Originally the home of the Delaware Indians, the first European known to visit the area was James Yoachum, who stayed with the Indians in 1790, and the first settlers included John B. Williams, Zachariah Henson, and Elijah Todd, who brought their families from Tennessee, arriving on Christmas Day in 1835, settling at the mouth of Flat Creek and the James River. William T. Stone arrived separately, but at around the same time, and it was his family that the county was named for. A powder mill established across Flat Creek made Cape Fair of importance during the Civil War, as it was the first powder mill west of the Mississippi River. Bat guano mined from a nearby cave was used as a key ingredient in the gunpowder manufactured there. Cape Fair was the first permanent settlement in Stone County, and served as the county seat until 1851, when Galena was named the seat of the county government. Cape Fair was platted in 1892, and several of its first buildings are still in existence.



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