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Chadwick is an unincorporated town in Christian County, Missouri, about six miles southeast of Sparta and just a few miles south of Oldfield. The town is located on the edge of the Mark Twain National Forest, with portions of the town within the forest. Chadwick is accessed by Missouri Highway 125. Situated in the hills of the Ozarks, the landscape of Chadwick consists of rolling hills with red clay and limestone, limestone caves, and springs. Named for an official of the St. Louis - San Francisco Railway, the community’s early economy was based on logging, with the St. Louis and Arkansas Railroad transporting lumber from Chadwick to North Springfield. Between 1883 and 1889, a group of vigilantes known as the Bald Knobbers were based in Chaldwick. Commonly seen wearing hoods with horns, the Bald Knobbers mostly sided with the Union during the American Civil War, and were opposed by the Anti-Bald Knobbers, who were Confederate sympathizers. Following the War, Chadwick and much of the Ozark region of southwestern Missouri were frequently visited by marauders, although they soon became known for their own abuses, and the Christian County chapter earned a reputation for being among the most notorious.



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