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The city of Chaffee, Missouri is in Scott County. Like many cities, Chaffee got its start as a railroad town. The Chaffee Real Estate Company purchased 1,800 acres of land from John Witt, a local farmer, transferring one hundred and fifty acres to the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway to be used as a rail switching yard, and then surveyed the remaining land as a town for railroad employees. Lots went up for sale in 1905, and applied for incorporated as a fourth-class city in 1906, which was granted in 1909. The town was likely named for the Real Estate Company, which itself was named for General Adna Chaffee, a Spanish-American War hero. Until 2000, after which there have been several factory closings, the city’s economy has been centered around textile manufacturing, using locally grown and processed cotton. Chaffee is north of Caney Creek, east of Delta, south of Blomeyer and Dutchtown, and west of Kelso.



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