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Situated near the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Ohio River, at Bird’s Point, Charleston is the county seat of Mississippi County, Missouri. Initial settlement of the area was on the north side, in what was called Matthews Prairie in 1805. Joseph Moore bought just over twenty-two acres in 1837, and laid out Charleston, naming it for the city by that name in South Carolina, and it was named the county seat in 1845. On September 1, 1861, Confederate General Meriwether Jeff Thompson robbed the Union Bank in Charleston, giving the cashier an hour to obtain approval from superiors, then left a receipt for the $56,000 he took. Warren E. Hearnes, the 46th governor of Missouri, moved to Charleston as a child and lived there until his death in 2009. Charleston is located just north and west of I-57, with US Highway 62 and Loop 57 passing th rough the center of town. Diehistadt is northwest of Charleston, Bertrand is to the west, and Wilson City is to the east.



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