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Chesterfield, Missouri is a suburb of St. Louis, and the headquarters of the Reinsurance Group of America. Within the area that is now Chesterfield are six former towns, which once had their own post offices, and two other communities on the western boundaries of the city. Bellefontaine, formerly known as Hilltown, was founded by August Hill in 1837. The former town of Lake began as Hog Hollow around 1850. Gumbo had its own post office from 1882 to 1907. Monarch, previously known as Atherton, then Eatherton, began as a railroad town in the 1870s. Bonhomme was washed away by the Missouri River in the late 1800s. Chesterfield was founded by Colonel Justus Post in 1817. Without a post office, Orrville was located in what is now the Wildwood neighborhood of Chesterfield, and Centaur Station was a railroad town that began in 1891. For many years, Chesterfield was an all-inclusive place name that referred to the sub-region of western St. Louis County that included these towns and communities, but it was incorporated as a city in 1988. Chesterfield is located just south of the Missouri River, along I-64, which is also US Highway 40 and 61. Clarkson Valley is to the south, Town and Country to the east, and Maryland Heights to the northeast.


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